A family company, Guirao & Rico, S.L., was formed in October 1998 after thirty years of dedicated work as a private company. This is backed by wide-ranging professional experience in the world of Wines, Juices, Alcohols, and Derivatives, our professional qualifications, and our studies in Oenology at the Escuela de la Vid in Madrid.

Our professional journey in Viticulture and Oenology began by obtaining the Certificate of Professional Status from the Grupo Nacional de Enólogos; we have participated in several Symposia on Wine Marketing, in the Supervisory Body on the Jumilla Designation of Origin - serving eight years as secretary, and a further eight years as Chair of the Wine Producers' Section.

We have been Chair of the Confederation of Regional Business Organizations in Murcia, member of the Cofradía del Reino de la Monastrell, and Knight of the Orden del Buen Vino.

Our work is backed by experience in executive positions in some of the most important wine-producing and wine-making companies in the country from 1971 to 1976, remaining in touch with technical developments through our expertise in Oenology.

The first working group was Savin/Campo Viejo, Manager of the Jumilla Plant, maintaining the legacy of our father, who founded the plant. Between 1986 and 1996, we worked at Garcia Carrión, S.A./Don Simón, as Assistant to the General Manager, in the final three years also running Wine and Materials Purchasing Department, at the request of the Chairman, D. José García-Carrión.

Work carried out at this latter company was a very positive experience in terms of the size, diversity, and strategy involved, widening our knowledge across all areas of operation.

Our extensive dealings with the Cooperative and Business worlds have enabled the growth of our client base, while maintaining full control over all operations, from sampling in situ to checking batches, analyses, billing, and payments.

Our business is firmly based on our rigour and reliability in customer and supplier relations, backed by our technical knowledge as qualified Oenologists, and by our professional experience in the leading companies in the sector in this country.

We are currently in contact with clients in other countries, including connections in places such as Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, and Africa, with potentially high-volume bulk market clients.

In October 1998, we opened our new facilities in order to offer our clients a better service and higher quality.

We have a laboratory for preparing samples, a tasting table, a storeroom for sampling bottles, and an archive to enable monitoring and storage of representative samples for every contract we undertake, as well as all the services needed to guarantee perfect synchronization between our clients and suppliers.

Our facilities incorporate the latest innovations in technique, technology, and production, guaranteeing the highest quality for our products and services.

We have offices equipped with the most sophisticated IT systems where we control the monitoring of samples at wineries, completion of contracts, and any matters that might arise in the course of our activities.

Our IT services are supported externally by a leading Company in the sector, allowing us to keep up-to-date on all of our ongoing processes.