The range of products distributed through our firm is backed by the quality of the companies from which they are acquired, using the latest technologies and meeting the quality standards both for EU and other countries.

We conduct a thorough sampling of the product, with visits to the producers to carry out exhaustive tasting of all products prior to dispatch.
Products are checked once again in our laboratory, and are then rigorously prepared in order to ensure that they arrive at their final destination in perfect condition.

Cellar Equipment
We have contacts with companies who specialise in cellar equipment, such as presses, hoppers, and storage tanks of any size. We also have a second-hand market for all of these types of equipment - ask about our offers.

We have agreements with first-rate companies for the sale of new French and American oak barrels.

We have contacts with transport companies across the whole country, using a combination of direct services and returns to provide the best logistical service.